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The results of FUE beard transplant in Turkey are permanent and will result in a natural look.


In many cultures, facial hair is a symbol of masculinity, dominance and prestige. As a result, lack of facial hair growth can take a toll on a man’s self confidence. Facial hair loss or patchiness can happen due to trauma, scars or is caused genetically.


Facial hair transplants have gained a lot of attention and popularity in recent years.


Beard transplant as goatee, sideburns or eyebrow transplants are types of facial hair transplants designed to increase density and fullness of facial hair.


The experts on our hair transplant team in Turkey are among the most sought-after hair loss treatments in Europe, specializing in FUE techniques for facial hair, beard, mustache, sideburns, goatee and eyebrows that have welcomed patients from all over the world.


Beard transplant procedure

The beard and eyebrow transplant procedure is similar to our usual hair transplant surgery and is performed with the same precision and attention to detail.


Hair is removed from the scalp using our FUE-technique, comprising one or two hairs at a time. Afterwards these units are inserted into 1-2 mm long incisions along the cheek or jawbone.


Who benefits from Beard Transplant procedure?

The following are ideal candidates for beard transplants:

• Men, who for various reasons, have very little or no beard growth

• Men who have patches of non-hairy areas along the beard or mustache

• Men who have facial scars due to burns, incision scars or pimple scars

What are the results of beard transplant?

The results of FUE beard transplant in Turkey are permanent and will result in a natural look. Full results of beard transplant will be seen within several months.



Facial hair transplants: Beard and Moustache Transplant



Beard and moustache are important features of male aesthetics. In recent years, bearded men can be seen more and more often on billboards and in films. The beard has become modern and attractive again.



Following this trend and wanting to make a change in ones life, many patients with sparse beards or without beards at all went to hair transplant clinics.



It is possible to undergo a beard transplant procedure, if patients genetically do not have beards, have burns or scars as a result of trauma. The alopecia areata, so called circular hair loss, is based on psychological reasons. In such cases, facial hair does not grow again because of traumatic shavings, scars and medical treatments or certain medication. In such cases we can expect ongoing facial hair loss. For all named aspects we can provide you a solution with the beard or moustache transplant. 



In case of not growing facial hair, similar to a hair transplant, grafts are removed from the area between the ears and the neck and are transplanted with the FUE technique on the hairless areas on the face. The density and the given direction of the hair, given by the transplantation expert, is important to achieve a successful result. To get this successfull result thousands of grafts are taken from the head and transplanted carefully on the hairless area. The post-surgery healing process takes between 7-10 days. After the 15. day of the procedure patients can begin with shaving the hair. After three months we expect the hair to grow.



The course of the transplanted hair during the operation is designed according to the preferences of our patient. Let us help you get your look back. Contact our team for a free consultation.