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A well-aligned nose is an important cosmetic element.

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey – More character in a new life

A well-aligned nose is an important cosmetic element. Especially from a profile view, it should blend harmoniously with the facial features. Asymmetries, humped or hooked noses, long noses, or small depressions at the tip of the nose disrupt the harmony of the overall appearance. Untreated, these imperfections stand out at the center of the face, so that many affected people see a nose correction as the only solution. Our plastic surgeon’s aim in rhinoplasty is to have this organ a cosmetic component and perform very practical tasks such as filtering and humidifying the air we breathe. Because the nose also has different types of tissue such as cartilage, bone, connective tissue, and muscles in a tiny space and under an extremely thin layer of skin, a nose correction is one of the most demanding procedures in plastic and cosmetic surgery.


The aim of a surgical procedure for a nose correction performed by our specialists in Izmir is the harmonious adaptation of the nose to the proportions of the face. For this reason, special emphasis is placed on the individual anatomical conditions of the nose and the surrounding visual field. If only the cartilage area needs to be treated, a local anesthetic is sufficient. If a correction is also necessary for the bone area, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

In principle, a nose surgery can be performed using two fundamentally different techniques. The so-called “open technique” requires the skin to be cut through at the bridge of the nose. The skin at the tip of the nose is folded up. According to its proponents, this method offers a better overview of the surgical field. Still, patients often suffer from the fact that the natural softness of the tip of their nose is reduced, and the tissue there can tear more quickly.

In contrast, the “closed” procedure is much more gentle on the patient. With this surgical method, only the inside of the nose is operated on. Therefore, no external incisions are generally made. The scars lie inside the nose. The tip of the nose retains its natural flexibility, and the tissue need hardly be damaged. Only in a few cases, such as reducing the wings at the edge, can scarring of the skin, which will hardly be visible later, become necessary.

However, the surgeon cannot directly see the areas to be operated on. Therefore, a lot of experience and excellent manual skills are necessary to perform this gentle rhinoplasty technique. Our surgeons have the necessary qualifications thanks to many years of experience and specialization in rhinoplasty. Therefore they have specialized in the closed version for some years now.

Consultation with the Surgeon

More than with many other cosmetic surgery procedures, the biggest concern about a nose correction is whether the outcome will meet the patient’s expectations. That is why a detailed consultation, evaluation, and realistic goal definition is the priority for a nose surgery at our Hospital in Turkey. Because a nose correction requires a lot of courage and trust, the thought of the actual surgery often causes uneasy feelings.


During a consultation appointment at our hospital, our specialists will demonstrate the most modern rhinoplasty surgical techniques to you. The consultation can also take place on the day of the surgery and is free of charge.


Nose surgery: before and after the surgery
Before the surgery, our intern will subject you to a preoperative examination with blood withdrawal, ECG examination, and evaluation of your state of health. The surgery generally takes about three to four hours. It is always performed under general anesthesia. Please calculate an overnight stay for your stay in the Hospital. Without too much physical exertion, you will be able to continue your everyday activities just a few days after the procedure. After a total of 7 overnight stays, you can then start your return journey from Turkey.
From the second week onwards, you can continue normal activities, but you cannot perform any physically demanding activities. Bear in mind that you will receive a cast during the night of the surgery, which will be removed the next day. Your nose will then be supported by special supporting plasters, which will slowly peel off after two weeks and can then be taken off.


Tampons are inserted into the nose, which are removed during your stay in Izmir. The scars must not be exposed to sun or solarium radiation for two to three months. Bloodshot eyes often occur, but this can be treated with cold compresses and should disappear after about 14 days. Swelling of the face may also occur, but this swelling will disappear after 2-4 days.