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Sixpack-OP in Turkey – for a defined abdomen

Sixpack Surgery In Turkey

Despite intensive training and a diet designed for physical activity, many men cannot get defined six-packs. They may not have the necessary genes, their schedules do not allow enough time for training, or their family has limited time. No wonder more and travel to Turkey to undergo cosmetic surgery, because there you can get the six-pack quickly and cheaply.


The classic washboard stomach prominently presents the straight abdominal muscles in combination with the oblique abdominal muscles. The straight abdominal muscles are separated on each side of the abdomen into smaller muscle bundles by several intermediate tendons. They are responsible for the washboard design when there is little or no fat on the muscles.


The sixpack as typical hull modeling
The specialists in our partner clinics in Turkey perform the six-pack surgeries using the VASER Lipo method. This is a liposuction method based on ultrasound technology that sucks the fat at precisely defined points and then places it back under the skin on the muscles as a filler. To work out a typical six-pack, conventional liposuction of the abdomen is not sufficient. The VASOR Lipo method has proven to be an optimal alternative because this method allows you to determine precisely where and how much fat is to be liposuctioned. The procedure is exceptionally selective and requires a lot of experience and skill on the surgeon’s part. He must decide where between the individual muscle bellies fat is to be suctioned to reveal the existing muscles. The fat is extracted in a particularly gentle way and can then be injected into individual muscle bundles for shaping.

The Procedure Of A VASER Lipo And Filler In Turkey

In the preliminary examination, the six-packs are pre-designed, and the muscle anatomy on the trunk is recorded with pins. Care is taken to ensure that the ligamentous structures between the straight and oblique abdominal muscles are accurately traced. The patient is put under general anesthesia, and a tumor test solution is injected into the designated areas. The surgery is performed in two steps. After the solution has soaked in, different VASER cannulas are used to dissolve the fat cells from three zones between the individual muscle areas. Special suction cannulas remove the dissolved fat cells. The surrounding structures are spared. Therefore, the regeneration time of the VASER Lipo method is very short in Turkey.


With this procedure, the specialists in our partner clinic gradually expose the muscles, and the skin lies directly on the underlying muscles. The six-pack structure can be seen. The fat obtained is washed, processed, and injected under the muscles again by lipofilling to create volume in two zones. The muscles are shaped and sutured from the inside. This guarantees that the six-packs remain in the intended places.


After the six-pack surgery in Turkey – quickly back to normal life
After the surgery, heavy physical strain should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. During the healing phase, lymph drainage or massage is beneficial. After about 12 weeks, the patient can continue his or her usual sports activities. In order not to burden the long-term result, the patient shouldn’t change his lifestyle much.