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Surgical skin tag removal in Turkey – For a harmonious appearance

Skin Tag Removal in Turkey

Surgical skin tag removal in Turkey – For a harmonious appearance


Liver moles, also colloquially called skin tags, are conspicuous depending on their accumulation and size and disturb the overall impression. These are growths of pigmented skin cells that differ from the surrounding skin by their coloring. The removal of a skin tag has not only cosmetic reasons. In the worst case, skin cancer can develop from a skin tag. For this reason alone, skin tags should be examined regularly. However, a mole can also be removed relatively easily.


Although surgical removal of skin tag is a moderately time-consuming procedure, its complexity shouldn’t be underestimated. Only proven specialists should be entrusted with this treatment.


Remove skin tag – general information
There are two types of treatment. One method is the excision of the skin tag, in which the affected area of skin is cut out. A microscopic examination can then be carried out to rule out the possibility of skin cancer, which can generally be detected and treated at an early stage. The second method of moles removal is laser removal. This treatment method is tailored to the removal of skin tags, which are performed for cosmetic reasons. The laser method is an efficient and, above all, painless procedure. Before the treatment, a pain-relieving ointment is applied so that only a slight tingling sensation is felt on the skin.

Consultation with the Surgeon

Before a surgical skin tag removal in Izmir, we conduct a detailed consultation with you. We will explain the procedure and further procedure for you. Detailed information about possible risks, which arise in connection with the treatment, is obligatory with us. The consultation can also take place on the date of the surgery if the skin tag is removed. The consultation is free of charge.


Removal of skin tags before and after the surgery
The treatment is carried out by a dermatologist or a specialist in the clinic in Izmir. The removal of skin tags is a surgical procedure that can be justified from both an cosmetic and a medical perspective. The treatment significantly minimizes the patient’s risk of skin cancer. The treatment of the skin tags takes barely half an hour and the recovery time is comparatively short.