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Everybody knows the stubborn fat pads that resist any diet.

Vaser Lipo in Turkey

The Revolution of Liposuction
Everybody knows the stubborn fat pads that resist any diet and keep you busy fighting your problem areas. This is triggered by fat cells, which are constantly being re-developed. Liposuction can remove them permanently and solve the problem zone dilemma.


Classical method increasingly outdated

Classical liposuction relies on a physiological saline solution (tumescence) administered with a drug for local anesthesia. Subsequently, small incisions are made in the affected areas, through which cannulae are inserted to aspirate the excess fatty tissue. Particularly thin cannulas are used to protect muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.


Alternatively, water jet assisted liposuction (WAL) is used. Liposuction is performed with a fine jet of water. The vibration technique works with the help of a vibration cannula. This Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is also a classic variant of liposuction. In fact, these cosmetic surgery are still very massive surgery that are minimally invasive but cause pain and are therefore performed less and less frequently.


VASER Lipo relies on ultrasound
The classic form of liposuction using saline solution and fine cannulae has been replaced by the so-called VASER Lipo method in Turkey for several years. The Turkish specialists use the advantage of this method, which avoids the use of heat and uses ultrasound energy to suck off the fat and model the silhouette of the body at the same time. Already today, the VASER Lipo is one of the most frequently performed methods. It is gentle, precise, and painless.


VASER Lipo is not a weight loss treatment for obesity. Instead, it is used to treat fat distribution disorders or to correct problem areas. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and the duration of the surgery depends on the number and type of regions.

Body Silhouette Can Be Contoured

With the VASER Lipo, ultrasound can be used to shape the body in various regions of the body. First, the fatty tissue is probed from the remaining tissue without damaging the blood vessels and nerves. In the following step, fat is sucked off, and the areas and tissue layers in need are modeled. The VASER liposuction allows the abdominal muscles, chest, or upper arms to be defined and contoured.


With VASER Lipo, a new, revolutionary method has established itself, especially in Turkey, the stronghold of modern cosmetic surgery. The technique is not new, as ultrasound allows the fat tissue to be loosened much more gently than with classical methods. Above all, VASER Lipo avoids the generation of heat. This virtually eliminates skin burns and protects blood vessels and connective tissue. The pulsed ultrasound does not release the energy permanently but in short bursts. In addition to the positive aspects of a significantly faster regeneration phase, this heat-free procedure allows suction to be taken closer under the skin.


Perfect skin tightening possible VASER

Lipo thus opens up completely new perspectives in the field of plastic surgery. The fat can be suctioned off at precisely defined points to emphasize muscles and curves clearly. So if the muscles in the region to be treated are well trained, the skin mantle and the underlying fatty tissue are treated with different intensity as part of the VASER treatment to work out the contour of the musculature – keyword: six-pack.


In contrast to the classical liposuction methods, the individual body regions can also be treated circularly to achieve optimal skin shrinkage. Thus, upper arms and legs can be treated circularly and, for example, abdominal flank back in combination. In Turkey, these surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Special rehabilitation treatments such as lymph drainage or ultrasound treatments accelerate the healing process so that you can continue your usual activities after just a few days.