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Get your Aesthetics back with fat transfer

Fat Transfer In Turkey

Get your Aesthetics back with fat transfer


The contouring of different areas of the body and face is increasingly carried out by injecting the patient’s own fat. This is the body’s own tissue that is removed where it is superfluous. The advantage is that a harmonious body profile is created because the fat is generally removed from problem areas and used in needy areas. Besides, the injection’s durability with the patient’s own tissue is significantly longer than with other biomaterials.


Own fat treatments have found their way into breast and bottom enlargements, lip injections, and the injection of wrinkles. Reasons for the increasing popularity are, apart from the loss of stubborn fat deposits at undesirable places, among other things, the better compatibility of the used material.


Own fat treatment
The procedure itself consists of two parts. In the first part, the fat is sucked in at the desired location. It is then prepared and cleaned in a particular procedure. The material is then transplanted using injections. Within four weeks, it grows together with the existing tissue. The remaining part dies off and is excreted again by the body. This process is entirely natural.

Consultation with the Surgeon

Before you start your own fat treatment in Izmir, you can expect a detailed consultation with our specialists. As you generally have very individual ideas about the treatment result, we will explain the possibilities, the procedure, and further procedure. Detailed information about possible risks arising in connection with the treatment is obligatory. The consultation can also take place on the day of the surgery. The consultation is free of charge.


Own fat treatment before and after the treatment
The treatment is carried out by a dermatologist or a specialist in the clinic in Izmir. The duration depends on the type and extent of the intervention. In recent years, methods developed to guarantee a survival rate of the transplanted fat cells of 70 to 80 percent. This results in a quality that surpasses the facial treatments of conventional fillers such as hyaluronic acid. Own fat transplants, which are performed professionally, have a shelf life of several years.