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Bring back your smooth facial skin

Acne Scar Treatment In Turkey

Bring back your smooth facial skin


Acne or blemished skin is a problem, especially in adolescence. Those affected often suffer quickly from psychological stress because they are excluded or teased because of the pimples. Many people do not feel well in their skin during this important phase of development, especially as acne can often lead to ugly scarring.


Even if one no longer suffers from acne in adulthood, it is often small or large scars that remind us of this phase of life as unattractive, uneven skin. Often, attempts are made to conceal the scars by applying make-up over them, but this means that no more air gets to these areas, and impurities develop again. In the meantime, however, modern dermatology has various therapies at its disposal that help treat acne scars gently. A professional treatment by our specialists in Izmir ensures a youthful and healthy complexion.


Acne Scar Treatment General Information
Acne is a dermatological problem in which the fat channels of the skin clog up. In combination with penetrating bacteria, infections develop, which later develop into cysts or knots. It is precisely this scarring that makes acne a lifelong problem because its treatment is more complicated than the acne itself.


The treatment program against acne scars is oriented to individual requirements. The focus of the measures is to exfoliate the skin surface to reach the underlying layers and smoothing the skin. Depending on the findings, laser peeling or dermabrasion are used. About two to four weeks after laser treatment or dermabrasion, the new fresh skin becomes visible.

Consultation with the Surgeon

Before an acne scar treatment in Izmir, our specialists will sit down with you and have a detailed consultation with you. We will introduce you to our procedure and the further course of treatment and inform you about possible risks that may arise in connection with the treatment. The consultation can also take place on the date of the surgery. The consultation is free of charge.


Removing acne scars before and after treatment
The treatment is carried out by a dermatologist or a specialist in the clinic in Izmir. Our specialist makes sure that the transitions between the different regions are fluid to develop a harmonious skin appearance. The treatment takes place under local or general anesthesia and generally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.