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Stunning results with an easy treatment

Wrinkle Treatment In Turkey

Anger and forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet can occur in the early years. For those affected, looking in the mirror is very often an unpleasant experience. The sight often gives the impression that you look older than you feel. The self-confidence sinks and with it often also the contact joyfulness. Cosmetic surgery can smooth the skin and restore self-esteem. In recent years, powerful methods have been developed to reduce wrinkles and give people smooth, attractive skin. Especially in minimally invasive wrinkle reduction, enormous progress has been made, which often even corresponds to a facelift result. Liquid Lifting methods have been extensively tested and have been used successfully for years and are suitable for patients who want a younger and more attractive appearance without using a scalpel.


Wrinkle Injection
An injection is the simplest and quickest procedure in the treatment of wrinkles. Different substances are used, which are injected into the lower skin layers. These substances, called fillers, ensure that wrinkles cushion up and remove themselves within a few minutes. All this works without surgery and knife, and it is inexpensive. It is not one of the most popular cosmetic sculptures for nothing.


Fillers are one of them:


• Hyaluronic acid


• Autologous fat


• Polylactic acid


• Calcium Hydroxyapatite


• Polycaprolactone


Which substance is used depends on the patient’s age, location, and individual preferences. The fillers replace lost volume and give the skin back its youthful appearance.

Consultation with the Surgeon

Before an injection is performed in Izmir, we conduct an intensive consultation with you. You tell us your ideas, and we will compare them with the possibilities offered. We will then explain the course of treatment to you and inform you in detail about possible risks that may arise in connection with the procedure. The postoperative process will also be explained.


In the case of wrinkle treatment, the consultation can also take place at the treatment appointment and is free of charge.


Before and after the surgery
Liquid lifting in Izmir does not require anesthesia. The substance is injected into the skin areas to be treated. If necessary, a light anesthetic cream is applied beforehand to prevent pain. The filler is then massaged into the skin under light pressure. Cold applications are used to avoid pain or swelling. The session takes between 15 and 30 minutes, and then the patient can go home immediately. After the treatment, you should refrain from sports, sauna, and solarium for a while and take it easy. Special after-treatments are not necessary.