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Essential for smooth facial skin

Collagen Injections In Turkey

Essential for smooth facial skin


Collagen is an essential component for the elasticity of the skin. The substance ensures smooth, youthful skin from birth. Unfortunately, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases with age. As a result, wrinkles form on the face and hands. Therefore one should try to keep the amount of collagen in the skin layer as high as possible. If the proportion has already been reduced, it must be increased.


This is called collagen. The hand area, in particular, is susceptible to this type of treatment. The wrinkles disappear, and the skin surface on the hands becomes smooth and youthful again. A collagen treatment can also have very positive effects on the face. Injections are also used here. The collagen can also be injected by ultrasound. The result is a radiantly youthful appearance.


Collagen treatment in Turkey – General information
Men and women are increasingly opting for collagen injections. The substance is injected into the corresponding areas of the skin to develop its full effect. The skin is padded, and wrinkles and fine lines disappear. Among the regions in which collagen can play to its full potential are the eye area, cheeks, and forehead. This is where wrinkles form more frequently. Subsequently, the skin appears significantly firmer.

Consultation with the Surgeon

Before a collagen treatment is carried out in Izmir, you should prepare yourself for an intensive consultation. You present your ideas to us, which we compare with the available possibilities. We will then explain the course of treatment to you and inform you in detail about possible risks that may arise in connection with the procedure. The postoperative process will also be presented.


In the case of collagen treatment in Turkey, the consultation can also take place on the date of the surgery. The consultation is free of charge.


Collagen before and after treatment
A collagen treatment in Izmir does not require anesthesia. Since collagen is an inherent component of the skin, side effects can be virtually ruled out. This also applies to allergic reactions. Depending on the findings, follow-up treatment is necessary for six to nine months.